Seasons - a New Music Video!


We finally finished our music video for Seasons! This was a really fun project. It took us all year, as I really wanted to get the right look and feel for each verse (or season) so the meaning of the words would come across. In a time of quick turn arounds, "instant" posts and all of the media sites encouraging incredible amounts of content fast, this project felt delightfully organic in its slow creation. We were patient, and precise and if it took two years I would have been fine with that too. In fact, I didn't know if we would be able to capture that perfect snowfall on film as we were in India for most of the winter, but we returned early and it came late. The snow engulfed the valley in late March, it lasted only a few hours, and it felt like it came just for us. For our winter scene.

There was something organic and alive about the whole process. We were working with nature and weather and the cycle of the sun. Haha, does that sound grand? It always feels grand, whenever we take a camera out to a landscape or a natural space. It is not in our control then, and we take what is offered. It is usually so far beyond what I could dream up, the beauty is in the moment, and even as video tries to make it stay, the feeling we are left with is that it is ever changing and ever growing. It is a beautiful natural world.

So, please take a moment to live through a year of metaphor with us in this song, and let the seasons wash over you. Thanks for watching!