A lifelong musician who has graced stages from Beijing to Bombay to the islands of British Columbia, Sahara is a natural performer with an onstage presence which audiences find both disarming and spellbinding. 

Growing up with an Afghan father and a Canadian mother, Sahara’s musical world has always had many sides.  As a songwriter, Sahara easily navigates between the direct punch of a classic love song, and the intricate sonic wizardry of Indian raga. 

Starting as a teenager, she hit the road with her sister Kamila, touring around the folk clubs and festivals of Canada. Since 2006, Sahara has been a student of Indian Classical music. Along with guitar, she plays the sarangi, a haunting string instrument which is rare even in India, weaving the nuances of Indian melody. 

Her solo recordings include the lovestruck country-toned Lonesome Sky (2012) and the upcoming world-fusion album, Between Worlds (2019).