Ask Your Sister

This is a momentous moment in my musical life. It has been a long time coming. Finally after years of travelling, learning, experimenting with different styles (of music and life..) everything seems to be bringing me home. Back to my roots.. as complex and varied as they are. And back to my home. These last few years I have been spending a lot more time in Nova Scotia, Canada in the amazing music scene that is there. A few months at a time even :) 

And now, after dreaming about it my whole life, I am joining up with my sisters and brother to take our new band, and our new sounds, encompassing all of our collective experiences and all that is "home" on the road!!!!

Ask Your Sister is the four of us. Ariana, Andy, Kamila and myself. They are joining me in India this January and we are making a new show. The first performances will be here in India, then a tour in China before we land back in Canada to record a new album. I could not be happier. 

We made a video of the first song that we have written together. "Take a Little Step"

Go to and see the video!