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Ask Your Sister 

This is a momentous moment in my musical life. It has been a long time coming. Finally after years of travelling, learning, experimenting with different styles (of music and life..) everything seems to be bringing me home. Back to my roots.. as complex and varied as they are. And back to my home. These last few years I have been spending a lot more time in Nova Scotia, Canada in the amazing music scene that is there. A few months at a time even :) 

And now, after dreaming about it my whole life, I am joining up with my sisters and brother to take our new band, and our new sounds, encompassing all of our collective experiences and all that is "home" on the road!!!!

Ask Your Sister is the four of us. Ariana, Andy, Kamila and myself. They are joining me in India this January and we are making a new show. The first performances will be here in India, then a tour in China before we land back in Canada to record a new album. I could not be happier. 

We made a video of the first song that we have written together. "Take a Little Step"

Go to and see the video!

Himalayan Hand Weaving 

I am back in India, this time in the Himalayas.. Manali to be specific. What a beautiful world. It has been too long since I wrote.. so for one post, there is too much to write about. Life here, life before I left canada... working with Blue Lotus and the way that feels like coming home... and ooh oohh  I haven't even mentioned the big new project that is brewing and is almost ready to be fully realized... you will have to ask your sister what that is. I will reveal it in a post very soon. Before that let's talk about Manali. Sheep. Mountains. Hand looms and weaving.

Some may have noticed that I am wearing this green woollen stole in a number of photos taken over this past year in a bunch different places. I have travelled too much this year perhaps, and this stole has come with me everywhere. It is so soft, and so warm and so light, I always love having it with me. Well, this is the where it was made, the Kullu region in the Himalayas. The hand weaving and traditional designs from here are famous for the craftsmanship and quality. I love this stole so much that when Ji Myeng asked if I wanted to work with him to send some back to canada, I was all in. Sometimes I sell jewellery that my friends make, or scarves that Ji and I have designed at shows in Canada, so those who come to my shows or blue lotus shows will have a chance to see them and buy them. There is also another opportunity, Heidi Kalyani from Blue Lotus is organizing TAZA, Indian Gift Bazaar in Wolfville, NS. If you can make it, there is going to be amazing stuff there.. Check it out:

Blue Lotus 

This month I have been hiding away in a magical music house working on the concert that we will present this Sunday, July 28th at the Horton Community Centre. It will be the debut of our group Blue Lotus, consisting of Ken Shorely, Heidi Kalyani and I. 

We will present an intimate concert of songs and grooves, inspired by our passion for the sounds of India, Afghanistan, Persia and Turkey! We are so excited to finally be putting this project together as we have been talking about it for years and finally, it is the perfect moment!  Please come and join us after the days workshops mentioned below. The concert is at 7:30!

Music in Goa 

It was a busy winter in Goa. So many wonderful collaborations with musicians from around the world. Everything from Rock, country, pop to Indian Trance fusion, some great Russian blues, and psychedelic Nepali bass lines, heartfelt original songs from Austrailia and the Uk... I wish I was better with the photos and videos, but we were very much in the moment in arambol this winter. Photographer Petro Honcharenko took some sweet shots of playing at my favorite banyan tree, I'll post them to the gallery and see if we can round up any video from the season...

Photo: Petro Honcharenko

Rio, Samaya, Sahara Jane, Kamila in France "Live What You Love" 

Ahh..memories of France with Kamila and the Rio Samaya Band!! Rio wrote this song inspired by a whale painted on the wall of the cliff in Arambol.. remember anyone? It said "Live what you love!" I get all nostalgic whenever they sing this song. We sure missed them in Goa this winter, and the whale swam off too... but the song remains!

The End of the September Tour 

We have finished our Eastern Canada tour and it was truly wonderful. Jamie and I loved playing together and are already planning a spring tour for BC in May! Yay!!

Thanks to everyone who hosted us, played with us and spent time with us. It is like being home again to be on the road playing folk music with you all. And thanks to my sister Ariana Nasr and my brother in law Andy Flinn for recording this album and for all your support!

Carrying Salmon Upriver in Bowmanville and canoe sailing around the Thousand Islands... 

So aside from our wonderful visits with friends and the sweet shows on this tour, there were some things I would love to share...

One inspiring moment was a walk down by the river with our friends Aubrey and Koren and family, where they took us to see the salmon run in Bowmanville... The community raised a ton of money to build a new fish ladder so the salmon and trout could make it up the river to spawn. But the fish ran early and the water was too low and they could not make it over the dam, so the community HAND LIFTED them up!!! In hip waders, rain or shine, volunteers have now lifted more than 5000 fish over the dam!

Click here for some good pics!

Another beautiful experience was Canoe sailing around the Thousand Islands with my friend Hilary Calnan. She and her husband Joe run Rivercraft - they build the boats and they are both trained guides who take people out for days at a time, camping and sailing... this pic isn't us, but it gives you an idea. SO much fun!!!

September 8th, 8:00 at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville! 

I am really looking forward to this show in Wolfville. There is nothing quite like playing in your home town.. and with this incredible band!!

Ariana Nasr, my sister, on sax, violin and vocals, Andy Flinn, my bro-in-law, on double bass and harmonies, my dear friend and mentor, Ken Shorley with his amazing assortment of drums and percussion, and Jamie Loughead and Alan Slipp, whom I have sung with for so many years on vocal harmonies, Wow! I Love it!!!!!

Come on down if you can make it and help me celebrate my new album! I could not have done any of it without this incredible community and family supporting me!!

CD Release Show in Halifax on Friday Aug 24th! 

CD Release party for "Lonesome Sky" in Halifax at the Music Room on August 24th!!! Andy and Ariana will perform music from their recent album "Good to be Home"! Ken Shorley will accompany with amazing percussion!!! It will be a magic night of original music in a beautiful acoustic room!

At the Music Room - 6181 Lady Hammond Rd., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2R9

tix $10, for info call 902 542 0558

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Join our mailing list for the latest news

VCLA Showcase Concert

Al Whittle Theatre, Main Street, Wolfville, NS

This is a fundraiser for the wonderful work that VCLA (Valley Community Learning Association) does in our community. It will be hosted by Ken Shorley and myself, and will feature local musicians and creative works from VCLA participants.

Tickets $10. Available from Box of Delights in Wolfville, or from the VCLA office in Kentville.

Sahara Jane at the Music for Mental Health series

Halifax, NS

Details TBA.

Sahara Jane at West Dublin Hall

West Dublin, NS

Sahara Jane and Ken Shorley will play music from their upcoming album. Admission is a freewill offering at the door.


Kitchen Party

Village Coffee House, Canning, NS

Tickets are $10 at the door.


Pennybrook Music Festival

 —  —

West Dublin, NS

A fun-filled weekend of music, laughter and love. More details soon.